The Best Skiing Destinations in Europe

The Alps have some of the best ski slopes in the worldWith so many wonderful skiing destinations to choose from in Europe, it’s not easy to pick out the best! Some ski resorts are more geared up for advanced or serious skiers, such as La Grave, in France, or for off-piste activities, like in Zermatt, Switzerland, and this is something to consider. Continue reading

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Joining a Sports Club

Joining a sports club is a great way to keep fit and make new friendsThere are many reasons why you would want to join a sports club. A lot of people join clubs in order to get fitter and healthier, whereas many others join simply as a way of meeting new people and making new friends. However, unless you have a specific one in mind already, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing what type of sports club to join. Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Keep Fit

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or tiring. Starting with something as obvious as stopping smoking will make the world of difference and even help save you heaps of money. Going to bed at a reasonably early hour will also help you to keep fit, as your body needs sufficient sleep to recover from the day just past and to prepare for the next. You also need to eat sensibly, and, of course, you need to exercise. Continue reading

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A History of Football

Football is the world's most popular sportAlthough people may have been doing so since time immemorial, the earliest verifiable record of a sport involving kicking a ball through a goal is from China’s Han Dynasty, about 2,300 years ago. The leather balls were stuffed with hair and feathers, using hands was prohibited, and the goal was only about 40 cm wide. It was part of military training, so defenders could play rough. Continue reading

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The Most Popular World Sports

There are many popular sports throughout the worldAlthough a consensus exists that football is the world’s most popular sport, ranking what the most popular world sports are is difficult, as popularity can be considered in terms of spectatorship, organised participation, recreational participation, overall interest, or some combination of these. Some sports are enormously popular in some parts of the world but nearly invisible in others. Spectatorship for such sports as athletics, swimming, and gymnastics, furthermore, peaks globally during the Olympics and then subsides. Continue reading

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The History of American Football

American Football's derives from rugbyAmerican football goes as far back as the 19th century and actually originates from English rugby. Before rugby was actually an official sport within England, it did not consist of official rules or guidelines that determined it from soccer or made it a sporting discipline within itself. The sport was played quite messily with guidelines, styles and rules all changing from village to village and town to town. Eventually when people took the time to formulate an official standpoint and practise of the sport, it was found that two different sports had actually been played together – rugby and football. Continue reading

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Essential Sport Accessories for Training

You need the right accessories for trainingGone are the days when an old t-shirt and heavy cotton tracksuit bottoms were all that one needed for a trip to the gym. Nowadays, the stylish sport accessories business is a multimillion revenue industry employing thousands of people all over the globe. If you are joining a gym, play team sports, or just want to get a bit healthier, here are some essential sport accessories that you cannot afford to be without. Continue reading

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